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An Easier Way to Manage Officer Schedules

and day-to-day scheduling tasks

Instead of using things like paper and Excel to manage personnel schedules, we have developed and all-in-one online solution: PlanIt Police. With the feedback from hundreds of agencies across the U.S, PlanIt has developed the tools to manage things like time off, overtime, open shifts, court appearances, in one easily accessible system.

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PlanIt Police is available to all members of your department from any device with an internet connection using their favorite web browser or with our mobile app for iOS or Android.

Eliminate hours spent on scheduling spreadsheets and printing paper schedules. Move on from slow and complicated scheduling products that haven’t been updated in years. It’s time to use a modern scheduling solution designed for police departments.

Exclusive resources available for download:

  • PlanIt Police Brochure
    • This is our standard tri-fold brochure we typically bring along to in-person trade-show events. You may download and print out if desired.
  • PlanIt Police Sales Sheets
    • The sales sheets offer additional details about the software's features and pricing. You will also get more pricing information and history of the company.
  • Clovis PD's scheduling software success story
    • Find out why Clovis moved their scheduling online and why they chose PlanIt.



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"This software is fantastic! It seems that any issue I encounter you already have a solution for"

-Inspector Sean Murphy, Lynbrook Police Department

"Great program, highly recommended"

- Solvay Police Department

"Great platform, customer service is outstanding."

- Lt. Wellauer, Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office

"Offers more than what is needed and fairly easy to navigate once used to. Customer service and support team are outstanding."

- Lt. Listwan, Village of Pleasantville PD

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