PlanIt Schedule is a personnel scheduling and communication system built for public safety services. It is accessible from any device with internet and includes features that allow you to streamline mundane scheduling tasks. Over 700 departments throughout the US trust PlanIt every day with their scheduling needs.


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Learn how SHASCOM-911 in Redding, CA finally found a system that worked for them...

"Our dispatchers love being able to request time, view their schedules and bid for overtime from home. I love how the whole system is intuitive. With no official training you can find what you are looking for."

- Jessica Larmour, Administrative Manager at SHASCOM-911

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PlanIt Scheduling Software Features


Time off

Allow employees to request time off from wherever they are. You will get a notification whenever someone submits a request and have the option to approve or deny. If you do approve the request, the person will be taken off of the schedule, charged the hours out of their banks, and get an approved notification, automatically.



Dispatch Staffing

We will set up your minimum staffing rules for you right out of the box. This intuitive editor (shown above) will allow you to make changes anytime you need to in the future once the system is in your hands. All of the initial setup and training is included so there are no extra fees. Find out how much you can start saving today at



Communication Blasts

Send out an email, a text, or a phone call to a whole group of people at once. Whether its an emergency you need to communicate, a call off, or anything like that, you can do it with a couple clicks in PlanIt.

Watch Video about Communication Blasts Here


"PlanIt has been a great asset to the department, we would recommend the product to other departments. Our department switched from using Excel as our schedule and it was an easy switch."

- Lynchburg Dept of Emergency Services


PlanIt was made for dispatchers to streamline communication and make the overall task of scheduling 24x7 personnel, simpler. You can access PlanIt from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Request a free live online demonstration today to get a full walk through of the system and get your questions answered!

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